Pearls of Grace - May 29

May 29

 Narrow Living

“…extracting the priceless from the worthless…”

Jeremiah 15:19

Narrow living is but a stranger to most today.  The do all, see all, and have all. Mentality has burned away many a life only leaving them empty and wanting more.  There are many things that contend for our time, that vie for our affections, and exhaust our supplies and resources.  There are things that are found on the “broad path”, things that may be lawful in themselves, but not expedient.  The love of things has drawn many a heart away from the living God.

God desires not for his children to live in the boggy places that enslave us and keep us from moving forward in the spiritual field, but rather a life of power. The life lived upon the paths only found on the narrow road.  Many are the enemies of the narrow way traveler.  Constantly along the road side of life are many predators to rob us of our peace, our steadfastness, our hope, and strip us of our very lives.  Predators that will often times point us to a grand fork in the road having the appearance of true happiness, but will only lead us to a dead end of regrets and what ifs.

This is the road that offers everything you could ever want, but only leaves you wanting for more.  There is a road that is broad out of necessity, for there are many traveling upon it.  All who travel along this broad road will never find joy, they will never find contentment, and they will never serve and love God fully.  And they will only find themselves in the company of misery.

A life of power must be a life separated unto God, a life that is itself called narrow.  There is a life resolved to stay upon the fiery altar until God has consumed every ounce of our being and burned away all that is flesh. An old roman coin was found that had a picture of an ox on one side, a beast of burden, and an altar on the other side.  The inscription read; “ready for either.”  Lay thyself upon the altar of God until all the barren land is stripped away leaving nothing but golden fields of harvest.

Burn away all that is ordinary; stamp eternity before my eyes.

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